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NOW AVAILABLE! Lunaria: Choice

 Guest artist and Veteran Disney (Hunchback of Notre Dame) Warner Bros. (Space Jam: A New Legacy) Dreamworks (Prince of Egypt) and Don Bluth (All Dogs Go To Heaven) animator Darlie Brewster draws a highly personal story for our heroine. 

comics and graphic novels

In 2012 Lunaria burst onto the comics scene from Brandon Scott Jensen, More than a decade later, 35 books and a full-length play later this diverse cast continues to represent many sects of the world while giving them agency and heroics! You can get your books at our online store!

Comic Books


For five years Jensen Entertainment worked with Southern Earth Industries to create the comic book "Lunaria" as well as multiple spin-offs (called "Zero Issues") along with several other unrelated books. 

Going forward solely under the JE (Jensen Entertainment) banner, books will be centered around Lunaria for the most part.

Lunaria Vol 1

 In this graphic novel, Lunaria, a young daemon (a human born with god-like powers) protects the streets of Elfman City but is called upon to help a group of superheroes known as the Deity Clan with a mission to secure a corrupt businessman. But will this young vigilante, who has sworn never to kill, work well with those who are not above taking out their enemies? 

Lunaria vol 2

 In the second collection of Lunaria our hero is graduating high school but finds the ceremony interrupted by an old enemy. Soon enough that enemy teams up with an even older enemy- one with a plan to take out the strongest hero in the world.


 For the first time ever, the origin story of seven superheroes from the pages of Lunaria is told in full colour! Origin stories include Lunaria, autistic superhero Blackout, Redrube, Rulah, Raven, Fantomah and Radior! This collection also includes exclusive bonus art, and a message from the creator of Lunaria! 

Jourdan and Michael: Home Sweet Home

 This is the story of Jourdan (Lunaria Vol. 1, Lunaria Vol 2) and Michael (Raven #0, Origins) as they meet and fall in love. Although their world is barely touched by superheroes, their relationship has troubled waters. Will the May/ December romance be able to navigate them together?